Inspiration for the Coaching Journey

Here you will find suggested reading and links that can serve as sources of inspiration for your coaching journey, and beyond.


Adyashanti – Emptiness dancing (2004) – spirituality
Almaas, A.H. – Essence (1984) – Diamond Approach; presence; essence; spirituality
Balsekar, Ramesh S. – Pointers from Nisargadatta Maharaj (1982) – Advaita; nonduality
Brach, Tara – Radical acceptance (2003) – meditation; mindfulness
Chödrön, Pema – The places that scare you : a guide to fearlessness in difficult times (2001) – Tibetan Buddhism
Kabat-Zinn, Jon – Wherever you go, there you are : … (1994) – Buddhism; mindfulness; meditation
Suzuki, Shunryu – Zen mind, beginners mind (1970) – Zen Buddhism
Trungpa, Chogyam – Shambhala : the sacred path of the warrior (1994) – spiritual life; Tibetan Buddhism


Bly, Robert – Iron John, a book about men (1990) – masculinity; psychology
Campbell, Joseph – The hero with a thousand faces (first published 1949) – hero’s quest; mythology; masculinity
Deida, David – The way of the superior man : a spiritual guide to mastering the challenges of women, work, and sexual desire (2004) – sexuality; masculinity; spirituality
Keen, Sam – Fire in the belly (1991) – masculinity; psychology
Moore, Robert and Douglas Gillette – King, Warrior, Magician, Lover (1990) – masculinity; hero’s quest; archetypes


Brown, Byron – Soul without shame (1999) – psychology; inner critic
Levine, Peter A. – In an unspoken voice (2010) – psychology; trauma healing; somatic approach
Richo, David – Shadow dance : liberating the power and creativity of your dark side (1999) – Jungian psychology; good and evil; shadow
Riso, Don Richard and Russ Hudson – The wisdom of the Enneagram (1999) – Enneagram; psychology
Stone, Hal and Sidra Stone – Embracing your inner critic (1993) – personal development; psychology; inner critic
Shah, Idries – Learning how to learn : psychology and spirituality in the Sufi way (1978) – Sufism; psychology

Personal development

Allen, David – Getting things done (2002) – time management; self management
Covey, Stephen – The 7 habits of highly effective people (1989) – personal development; business
Csikszentmihalyi, Mihaly – Finding flow : the psychology of engagement with everyday life (1997) – personal development; psychology
Goleman, Daniel – Emotional intelligence (1998) – personal development; emotional intelligence
Joiner, Bill and Stephen Josephs – Leadership agility (1998) – leadership; business
Leonard, George – Mastery : the keys to succes and longterm fulfillment (1991) – personal development; psychology
Loehr, Jim and Tony Schwartz – The power of full engagement (2004) – personal development; energy; business
Senge, Peter and others – Presence : human purpose and the field of the future (2004) – presence; society; human evolution
White, David – Crossing the unknown sea (2001) – poetry; business

Integral approach

McIntosh, Steve – Integral consciousness and the future of evolution : … (2007) – integral worldview; integral spirituality
Wilber, Ken and others – Integral life practice (2008) – self actualization; psychology; integral approach
Wilber, Ken – A brief history of everything (1996) – philosophy; integral theory

A.H. Almaas is the pen name of Hameed Ali, the main founder of the Diamond Approach. His website offers many articles, video’s and much more on this contemporary teaching that has been developed within the context of awareness of both ancient spiritual teachings and modern depth psychological theories.
Here you will find a lot of information on the Enneagram as being presented by Don Richard Riso and Russ Hudson. You can do a short test to find out which Enneatype you might have.
This site offers more information on the integral coaching method® that I use and the training programs that Integral Coaching Canada offers.
Integral Life is a social media hub documenting the rise of a unique 21st century renaissance occurring amongst visionary leaders, scientists, thinkers and artists around the world. It was founded in 2007 by Ken Wilber and Robb Smith.
Here you will find many interesting suggestions and additional information on movies that are particularly interesting and inspiring for men wanting to take on the challenge and live their purpose.