Questions and Answers

Here you will find answers to questions you might have about integral coaching, my qualifications, services, suitable topics for coaching, what it will cost, how long it takes, in person or online, etc.

> How is integral coaching different?

Integral coaching is a discipline that supports sustainable change in any area of your life. It enables you to become more aware of your current approach, see new possibilities, and then build new competencies to achieve the outcomes that deeply matter to you. In this process both me as your coach and you as my client are dedicated to your unique developmental needs. If you want to find out more, have a look at the integral coaching page.

>  What topics are suitable for an integral coaching program?

Because integral coaching takes all of you into account and addresses the emotional, physical, spiritual, interpersonal, cognitive and moral dimensions of life, I can work with you on a large variety of topics. I name quit a few on the integral coaching page.

> How long is an integral coaching program?

The duration of a coaching program depends on several things. First of all the topic and how deep you want to explore and work with it. Second how much you want to invest in terms of energy, time, money. Because I want to respond to different needs and possibilities of my clients I offer different programs. Please have a look at the coach programs page. Feel free to connect if any question remains.

> How much time is involved?

This largely depends on the program you want to engage in. In the Compact Coaching Program, Two Souls Meeting, and Intensive there\’s no \’homework\’ involved and there\’s no follow-up. So, apart from the hours we meet in these formats, it\’s up to you how and what you do with what you learn. In the Regular Coaching Program we start with two 1,5 hour meetings. From there we will meet every two to three weeks for 1 hour for a period that can vary from three to eight months. This program is for those who really want change and are willing to make a commitment. Here I will provide you with exercises and practices that you do on a regular basis in between meetings. Depending on how much time you can invest and what you want to achieve this will take 20 minutes up to 1 hour a day. For more information please have a look at the coach programs page.

> Do you coach online – internationally – in different languages?

Yes. I do online coaching through video conferencing and I\’m fluent in Dutch, English and German.
In the beginning I was reluctant to do online coaching, but both me and my clients agree that it works amazingly well. For clients in the Netherlands, if possible I prefer to meet in person, at least the first two sessions.

> What does it cost to be coached by you?

The fee for my coaching is based on an hourly rate of € 85,- (excl. VAT) plus expenses if applicable. Please contact me for the price of the program you are interested in.
If you are seriously motivated to engage in a coaching program with me and you are on a tight budget, I do offer one scholarship on every 5 regular paying clients. If you qualify you will receive a 30% reduction on the regular price as my gift to you. If you want to apply for this option please send me an email explaining your situation.

> What is the difference between coaching and counseling / therapy?

Coaching is future oriented and supports you to gain clarity about your goals, build the necessary competencies and direct your actions towards development and realization. A counselor or therapist helps you understand and deal with a problem or difficulty you are having that is rooted in the past. This is put in very general terms and there is an overlap where coaching, counseling and therapy meet. In an integral coaching program counseling or therapeutic interventions can be included if you are open to that, and if we both agree it serves the coaching process. The programs Two Souls Meeting and Intensive are not strictly coaching formats and there\’s more room for experiment and different modalities.

> What are your qualifications?

I did my first coach training at \’Move a mountain\’, a small training institute in the Netherlands where I was certified as a personal coach in 2009. In the same year I started my education at Integral Coaching Canada. I got certified as Apprentice Integral Coach in 2010 and as Master Integral Coach in 2011. This training is accredited by the International Coach Federation (ICF) at the highest level – \’Master\’. I have now ten years of experience in coaching and you might want to take a look at what my clients say.

> What principles guide your work?

I believe we all can make a unique and meaningful contribution to the needs of our time. It\’s my purpose to support my clients to strengthen their confidence and trust, find deeper meaning and understanding, and get a clear sense of purpose and direction, so they can realize their full potential. I love to work with anyone – young or old, businessman, artist or mountain climber, believer or atheist – who is willing to take the next step in their personal development and engage in a process of deep change and transformation. Let me know if this speaks to you and you want to find out if we could work together. As a professional coach I work according to ICF\’s code of ethics. Have a look at ICF\’s website if you want to know more.

* If you didn\’t find an answer to your question here, please feel free to contact me.