Martin Thomas



For many years I have been working as communications officer and photographer specialized in landscape and architecture. In 2008 I started my education as a coach at Move a Mountain training center in the Netherlands. I continued my training in 2009 with Integral Coaching Canada. ICC has developed a unique method based on Ken Wilber\’s Integral Theory.



This training is accredited by the International Coach Federation (ICF) at the highest level.
Since 2011 I am a certified Integral Master Coach and a member of ICC Consortium.
I have a private practice in Amsterdam


Personal Development

I grew up in Breda, a provincial town in the Netherlands, where I studied photography at the provincial art academy. (Up to this day I love to express my creativity through photography.)
After my study I moved to Amsterdam where I met my first love and a deep relationship began. In that same period I started asking myself fundamental questions and my interest in spirituality grew.

\"MartinAbout fifteen years ago I went through an existential crisis, followed by a deep reorientation.
During a period of two years I attended many retreats, seminars and workshops. On theme\’s like: Christian Mysticism, Integral Spirituality, Zen, Big Mind and Chi Kung.
A very intens period with many valuable and rich experiences.

This led me to the Diamond Approach where spirituality, psychology, and daily life are not seperate.
In 2005 I became a student of this school.
Since then this modern approach to spirituality and human development continually inspires me to explore and understand myself, others, and life more deeply. I feel essentially supported to become more awake and complete as a human being.


Integral Life Practice

I maintain a regular life practice including meditation, Chi Kung, inquiry, study, and dance.

In 2013 I got fascinated by the practice of Circling. In the summer of 2014 I completed my training with Circling Europe. Now I facilitate this accessible yet profound interpersonal practice and integrate it in my coaching.

Learning to work with the Enneagram was part of my training as an Integral Coach. But I wanted to understand it more deeply. In 2015 I did additional courses with Russ Hudson, Helen Palmer, and a seminar with Eli Jaxon-Bear. The Enneagram has become an invaluable tool for me as a coach in understanding and working with my clients.

Since my childhood days I have enjoyed being in nature. In recent years I felt a growing impulse to take my clients into nature. This led me to what started in Japan in the 80\’s and is known as Shinrin Yoku. In this part of the world we call it Forst Bathing. In 2019 I did a training with the Forest Therapy Institute in Portugal. Since then I organize forest bathing walks and workshops under the name of Forest Bathing Nederland.

All the knowledge and experience I gathered over the years I use to support my clients in finding and living their deepest truth and realizing their full potential. And that, I have found to be the true purpose of my life.