What Clients Say


> Sven Heijdenrijk – ambulatory assistance provider

Martin supported me during an important phase in my life, and without his coaching I’m sure I wouldn’t have passed through so successfully. I’m very grateful for that, it enabled me to really change my way of living and relating.

There was a lot going on  …

at that time and I had no control over my life. I often felt overwhelmed and out of balance. Martin made me aware that in my situation it was very important to ground myself and allow my experience to touch me and own it. Also in a very practical way he helped me to organise my daily life, create moments for processing and self-reflection and physical exercises. And he coached me to clearly communicate my needs to those around me.

What I have found to be enormously valuable in Martin’s coaching is the variety of exercises and practices that touched on all areas of my life and were meant for me to integrate in my daily routine. This integral approach is definitely not just about talking and thinking. In my case attending to my body played a key role. I’m not an expert, but in my experience it was the combination of all the different aspects of the coaching program that brought about a lasting behavioural change. And the practices Martin gave me now are an indispensable part of my life.

Much has changed: circumstances not only determine what I do. I stand at the helm of my ship and choose my own course. I am much more stable and not thrown of balance easily. I notice it in working with my clients; they feel they can rely on me. Before I needed more time to recover from difficult situations, now I can take on a lot more and still have enough energy. And I’m much more aware of my inner life and emotions, which makes my life richer and more intense.

If you’re looking for an outstanding coach to guide you, Martin is your man.


> Anders Asphaug  – conflict worker / educator

My work with Martin was deep and powerful. This is no ordinary coach. He offers something quite unique, which can take you farther than what most coaches (or similar professionals) are able to do.

I have long sought a stronger sense of power and will in my life, …

both with regard to setting boundaries with other people, and also with regard to forcefully pursuing my goals.

Martin enabled me to access my power in a way that I have not experienced before. Instead of directly working with finding motivation and goals on a superficial level, the session started with something that was up for me at that moment (issues with wanting to be liked). From there he guided my inner process through questions and suggestions that felt both gentle and – at times – appropriately challenging.
While exploring this enabled me to stay very close to myself, and from that my power emerged spontaneously.


> Walter Jansen – starting entrepreneur

Martin is a very skillful and dedicated professional. I found him to be very flexible and creative. And he proved to be a true companion, constantly tuning in to where I was in my process, learning me to find my own solutions.

Whenever I felt stuck …

he opened new perspectives, suggested alternatives and kept me inspired and motivated.

When meeting Martin for the first time I immediately felt at ease with him; I could relax and be myself. He’s warm, open, intelligent, non-judgmental and a good listener.
In the first session he helped me to clearly define my topic, and when he presented my coaching program in our second conversation I really felt seen and understood by him. Especially the metaphors that he came up with opened up a new way of seeing myself, my potential and how to reach my goals. And although in the beginning I was reluctant to take on the practices he suggested, once working with them they proved to be very appropriate and effective.

In return for his steady support he did ask for real commitment. That was not always easy, but it turned out to be very rewarding. Now I make my decisions based on what\’s most important to me and navigate my life with confidence.


> Josh Akmens – talent director

Martin has made a huge impact in helping me to open up to a fuller experience of life. I’m very, very grateful for the time we’ve spent together.

I started this journey from a very defensive and armoured place …

where I’d over invested in my professional work at the expense of the things I really care about – my girlfriend (now wife!), my family.
Martin has been patient and disciplined in helping me confront my self-criticism and my fear of going deeper inside myself. Gradually he guided me toward a more intimate relationship with myself and others.

Always challenging me. That’s how I feel when working with Martin. He’s even asked me to rewrite this testimonial. More from my heart, than the nice, rational voice I tend to write in.

Yes, I do slip back into old habits. I feel my resistances to go inward. And it’s scary to change the way I’m me in my relationships. But Martin has always arrived with a caring heart, and the ability to gently call bullshit if I’m not showing up.

I feel a different person. I’ve opened up, my relationships are better, I’ve got more of a toolkit for when I hit a speedbump. And most importantly, my experience of life is deepening through the work we’re putting in.

It’s definitely worth the time (and tears). Thank you, Martin.


> Arend Ottevanger – arborist

As a coach Martin is understanding, warm, respectful and clear. At the same time he can be firm, direct, no-nonsense. I greatly appreciated that in him. He’s able to ask the right questions and hit the nail right on the head.

Sometimes he challenged me, …

inviting me to take a closer look and be honest with myself.
That wasn’t always comfortable, but he did it in a way that I could open up and feel my sore spots. This lead me to some real answers.

From the beginning it was clear that this was not a standard program. Martin’s coaching works on different levels at the same time. Sometimes it was quit intense. And I had to take my responsibility. But that’s exactly why it was the right thing. And he made the whole program especially for me! I really felt honored and it was a great learning experience!

Because of my financial situation I only did 5 sessions and they brought me a lot. We both know there’s more that we didn’t get to. Whenever I have the opportunity I definitely want to work with Martin again.


> Steve Beckett – coach/trainer at Integral Coaching Canada

I worked with Martin for six months during his final intensive training to become a certified Integral Coach. During this period I directly witnessed him working with his clients in a very skillful and transformative way.

In a relatively short period of time …

they became centered, grounded, and discovered deeper meaning and purpose.

Martin used his depth, heart and intuition, coupled with his rigorous use of the integral model to guide his clients into new ways of being. His skills will be highly valuable for men feeling \”stuck\” and wanting to transition to a new stage in their lives. I would encourage anyone considering working with Martin to take their \”next step\” and contact him.