Coach Programs

In different situations or phases of our lives we have different needs. That’s why I offer different coach programs. So, no matter the situation you are in, you can start building the life you want right now.

> Compact Coach Program

This is the most condensed of the coach programs I offer. It will be an inspirational starter for those who (in this moment) don’t feel the need for regular support; who like to work alone; don’t have the time or the money for an extensive coach program; or want to get a feel of how it is to work with me.
(two 1,5-2 hour sessions)

> Regular Coach Program

This integral coaching format starts with a deep exploration of your topic that allows me to design an extensive and highly individualized program. I will provide you with specific developmental objectives and tailor made practices to build the capacities you need to achieve your goal. From the beginning and all through this program I will continuously tune in to where you are on your journey, so I can provide the optimal conditions and support for your growth. We will be in this adventure together and I will be your guide.
This coach program is for those who feel a need for change and want to make a commitment over a longer period of time.
Starting with two 1,5 hour sessions, followed by a series of 1 hour sessions over a period of three to eight months, depending on the topic and what you want to achieve.

> Two souls meeting

We start fresh with exactly what you show up with and take it from there. Conversation, inquiry, feedback, questions, suggestions, short periods of silence, movement, all can be part of this format. It will provide you with new insights, ideas, action steps, and a deeper sense of where you are in your life. We can meet where you live or any other location in- or outdoors.
(one or more 2-4 hour meetings)

Fee for my services

The cost of integral coach programs for private clients is based on an hourly rate of € 85,-. For business clients I will provide a written offer.

There’s the option of spread payment, and it’s worthwhile to check this out:
– costs are often deductible from income tax
– many employers have a budget for education, personal development and drop-out prevention

I do like to work with people who are seriously interested in their personal development. If you are really motivated to engage in a coach program with me and you are on a tight budget, I do offer one scholarship on every 5 regular paying clients. If you qualify you will receive a 30% reduction on the regular price as my gift to you. If you want to apply for this option please send me an email explaining your situation.

* If you have any question about these options, or are unclear which best fits your needs, please contact me and together we can clarify things.