Integral Coaching

Integral Coaching understands that every person has a unique constellation of essential qualities, personality structures, social strategies, etc.

Integral coaching allows me to look at all the different aspects of your life and how they are related. I use multiple assessment tools to get to the most accurate and complete understanding of who you are; your strengths and weaknesses, your hopes and fears, likes and dislikes. Based on this assessment I am able to address your topic and the various dimensions of your being very effectively and support sustainable growth where it is most important and beneficial for you.

\”Integral Coaching provides what we believe is the most complete and comprehensive coaching method available.”
— Ken Wilber

How it works

When you are being coached by me we start with an \’intake\’ conversation. Together we deeply explore your topic and why it is important to you. Based on that information I will design a coach program that is custom-made for you. This we will discuss in our second \’offer\’ conversation to make sure that it\’s the perfect fit for you.

Initially being in this program will help you to become aware of the way you currently relate to your topic. Seeing this \’current-way-of-being\’ clearly – it\’s qualities and it\’s limitations – is crucial. Then, through a step-by-step process you will learn to disengage from what is no longer useful, and start building new competencies that allow you to move forward through \’cicles-of-development\’. While growing into and embodying your \’new-way-of-being\’ you begin to actualize the life you long for.

It\’s work, it\’s not magic. But it\’s work that enables you to confidently direct your actions towards the goals you have chosen and start living your deeper purpose.

Being engaged in an integral coach program with me is like a journey that we travel together. In our coaching relationship integrity, trust, and open communication are essential. As your guide it\’s my responsibility to have an embodied understanding of the integral approach and commit to an integral lifestyle.

For those who appreciate a deeper exploration of the integral coaching methodology, here\’s an article written by Joanne Hunt, one of the founders of Integral Coaching Canada. Introduction to the Integral Approach to Coaching

Topics for coaching

In integral coaching we include all aspects of life. Therefore it is applicable in almost every situation, be it professional, social, or intimately personal.

Topics that you would like to work on could be:

–                     find out what you really want and how to achieve it
–                     deepen your relationships and be more authentic
–                     be more decisive and able to make (important) decisions
–                     balance your professional and private life
–                     find out why you still feel empty although you are doing pretty well
–                     free yourself from energy and time consuming habits
–                     follow up on ideas and plans with the necessary action
–                     be more independent and true to what is important to you
–                     be able to communicate and express yourself more freely
–                     find out what the deeper meaning and purpose of your life is
–                     …

Contact me if you want to find out whether you too could benefit from my coaching. In a 30 minute call free of charge I will be happy to answer all your questions.