• Your Next Step Integral Coaching - Confidence, Meaning, Direction
  • Your Next Step Integrale Coaching - Zelfvertrouwen, Authenticiteit, Zingeving



> Do you sometimes feel restless and empty inside, longing for a more meaningful life?
> Do you give in to the pressure to perform, finding it difficult to relax and balance your work and private life?
> Do you want to be real and authentic, no longer afraid to show up?
> Do you worry about the current situation in the world and wonder how you can contribute to a sustainable future for all?

Deep down we all want to be real and truly ourselves.
Knowing who we are, what we really want, and having the capacities to realize it, gives us a deep sense of fulfillment and worth.

My name is Martin Thomas and I am a certified Integral Coach.

I support men and women to find their own course in life and work. So they can live their full potential with confidence, deep meaning, and a clear sense of direction.



For confidence, meaning and authenticity to grow there has to be a right balance between challenge and support. The external world provides the challenges, and as an Integral Coach I provide support. Together these allow you to stretch and grow where it matters most to you.



Tuning in to the specifics of your situation together we will explore what is needed. Doing this we take the whole of you into account. Socially, emotionally, spiritually, in your work life and your relationships. All aspects of you are welcome and will be included. Together we work on the realisation of your potential. So you will move to the next level of what is possible for you and start living a more awakened and fulfilling life.



After a few coach sessions you will start noticing positive change. You learn to relax and tune in to what lives in your heart. Your head gets quieter and you start making clear decisions with confidence. Your capacity to handle difficult situations grows, both at work and in your private life. And you learn to show up, be yourself, and communicate authentically.


“Martin is a very skillful and dedicated professional. I found him to be very flexible and creative. And he proved to be a true companion, constantly tuning in to where I was in my process, learning me to find my own solutions.”
Walter Jansen – Starting Entrepeneur

Whenever I felt stuck he opened new perspectives, suggested alternatives and kept me inspired and motivated.

When meeting Martin for the first time I immediately felt at ease with him; I could relax and be myself. He’s warm, open, intelligent, non-judgmental and a good listener.
In the first session he helped me to clearly define my topic, and when he presented my coaching program I really felt seen and understood. Especially the metaphors that he came up with opened up a new way of seeing myself, my potential and how to reach my goals. And although in the beginning I was reluctant to take on the practices he suggested, once working with them they proved to be very appropriate and effective.

In return for his steady support he did ask for real commitment. That was not always easy, but it turned out to be very rewarding. Now I make my decisions based on what’s most important to me and navigate my life with confidence.”



If this speaks to you and you like to get a sense of how it is to work with me, please contact me. We will set up a call, free of charge, so I can answer all your questions. And you can have a taste of how it is to be coached by me.

> Also in the Evening and on Saturdays
> Fluent in: English, Dutch, and German
> Online Coaching 
through Zoom or Skype
> In Person 
in Amsterdam, Nijmegen, Breda and on location after consultation

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